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Starting point in establishment and development of the company "MSM Technology Group" was 2006, the time when domestic industry of non-metallic construction materials was in need of retrofit and modernization of capital equipment. Intensive construction activities in the country demanded lots of materials: macadam, concrete and etc. In response to requirements of domestic economy "MSM Technology Group" takes the course to secure stable supplies and support constructional complex of Ukraine. The macadam of major fractions, scarce cubic macadam, rubble stone, building stone, fines, pit sand, granite chips that were produced as well as packed macadam in bags enable us to expand the segment of customers and preserve steady progress of the company. The equipment of rock quarries with the highly productive machinery of such world brands in mineral resource mining and processing industry as

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and automation of business processes favours effective and active management and control of products' quality at every stage of production.

http://msm-group.com.ua/images/about/mokr1.jpgTaking in account the market demand for qualitatively new granite macadam in January 2010 on the territory of Mokryanskyy Rock Quaryy-2 "MSM Technology Group" set in operation modern crushing and screening complex  (USA) with productivity of 2 millions tons of finished products annually.

All the products of the company "MSM Technology Group" is certified and complies with requirements of the State and international standards. Per sanitary and radiative characteristics the macadam of major fractions and cubic macadam correspond to the first building group and can be applied in all kinds of constructional and repairing works. The outstanding features of the products are:

  • high firmness,
  • frost resistance,
  • endurance,
  • homogeneity in firmness,
  • well expressed roughness of natural chip.
  • low content of impurities.

High quality, availability of wide variety of macadam fractions along with the democratic price policy makes the products of "MSM Technology Group" the perfect component in the process o

  • construction of road carpets
  • high grade concrete aggregates production used in filling of bridge constructions and buildings
  • repairing and construction of railway main lines and,
  • building up of road bedding,
  • banks consolidation

In its activity "MSM Technology Group" tends to optimize and facilitate the process of loading and delivery of products for our Clients. Existence of branch railroad to Mokryanskyy Rock Quarry-2, front loader to cars, river berth at Petrovskyy Rock Quarry enable the company continuously supply the macadam with any kind of transport preferable for our Customers.

Committed study of requirements, tendencies and perspectives of Ukrainian market of non-metallic constructional materials and build-up long term strategy of development helped company to withdraw in crisis times and intensify production capacities. One of the key directions of strategy implementation is management of personnel. Одним из ключевых направлений реализации стратегии компании стал менеджмент персонала. Leaders of "MSM Technology Group" understands the importance of each employee and practice teaching and refresher training, exchange of experience and up-to-date elaborations in the sphere of mineral resource industry with native and foreign colleagues. Highly qualified staff of the company make possible to monitor and control all the technological and logistics processes.

Following the time "MSM Technology Group" tightly cooperates with National Mining University, Prydniprovs'k State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Dnepropetrovsk National University of Rail Transport and other Scientific and Research Institutes. The result of such collaboration is devise of program systems help to carry out technical tasks, study the fillers influence the quality of concrete, ferroconcrete constructions and materials, effectiveness of application of cubic macadam produced at company's the rock quarry in construction of European class.

From the moment of foundation and during its activity "MSM Technology Group" proves to be a reliable partner who appreciates confidence and time of its Clients and offers high level of service, high quality and advantageous terms of supplies.

Cooperation with "MSM Technology Group" is sure basis of your future!

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