MSM Technology Group has started its activity on the market of constructional materials in year 2006 and for today it is one of the main manufacturers of building materials such as rock crushing products in Ukraine. Company owns two granite quarries Mokryanskyy Rock Quarry 2 located in eastern suburbs of Zaporozhye and Petrovskyy Rock Quarry situated in Synelnykovo district of Dnepropetrovsk region within the line of Ukrainian Crystalline Massif deposits. Granite is one of the most solid, strong and hard among the igneous rock. Some very hard varieties of the fine-grained granite may be decomposed after 500 years of application so it is used to consider this material to be everlasting. Granite comes from the Latin granum, a grain, and if to bring it closer to an eye one can see its composition in which particles of quartz, plagioclase, microcline, mica are alike to small grain in their shape.
Granite macadam is the best kind of building materials in its quality characteristics, widely used in production of heavy concrete, ferroconcrete constructions, paving components, road carpet structures and bridge constructions.
The rock quarry of MSM Technology Group are equipped with modern machinery what enables the company to supply enterprises of Ukraine, Russia and the near abroad with high quality macadam of various fractions and accompaniments.

Production sites and by means of crushing process granite rock into macadam, the grain blends of various sizes undergo screening for certain fractions of macadam. The aftereffect is that fraction 2-5mm and fines 0-2mm and 0-5mm are formed by granite chips.

Among our Clients there are big building companies, pre-fabricated ferroconcrete structures factories concrete plants, road companies, enterprises of installation and operating of railway tracks and private individuals. Our company with confidence increases its share on the national market and is among 15 largest manufacturers of granite macadam in Ukraine.

Our standard that secures our success is unexceptional service, high quality products and confidence of our Clients. Business strategy of MSM Technology Group is security of predicted result and stability of cooperation on mutually fruitful terms.

We make the world more solid and safe! We build of granite not intending to live forever but to leave our mark in history!



"MSM technology group" takes part in the exhibition Domestic construction materials-2009 that took place from 28 to 31 January 2009 in CEC Expocenter (Moscow)

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Wish all our Clients and Partners a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Wish you and your families happiness and peace!

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