Petrovskiy quarry

Petrovskyy Rock Quarry is located on bank of Dnepr river nearby Dybrova village in Synelnykovskyy district of Dnepropetrovsk region. The macadam of Petrovskyy deposit is of grey color and with medium size of granite. For the first time Petrovskoye deposit was investigated and studied in 1956. According to the active DSTU-.2.7.-75-98 (GOST 8267-93) the quality of the macadam at this deposit corresponds to grades 1200 - 1400. The minerals of Petrovskyy deposit are of crystalline rock: granites, migmatites, gneiss, destroyed and not destroyed by weathering. Minerals quality evaluation was done to compliance with requirements of DSTU 8267-75 Macadam of natural stone for constructional works, 8424-72 Road concrete and 10268-70 Concrete aggregate for heavy concrete. Explored at the deposit granitoids are characterized by rather stable mineral and chemical composition. Crystalline rocks restrained at the deposit are distinguished by homogeneous composition and features along the territory of deposit as well as in its depth. There is a loading berth at the territory of crushing and screening site which secures the supply of finished products to the Customer and decrease the expenses.


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